Hi, Im a Front-end Developer always striving for the best possible user experience.
Because of my background in Product Design I can communicate clearly with designers and others involved to build the desired product.


I am experienced with JavaScript, Typescript, Angular, Ionic, Dart and Flutter. What sets me apart from other developers is my background as an Industrial Designer, which means a clear focus on the final user experience. Apart from that researching and using new technologies is an important drive for me as well.

I'm a front end focused developer working on some exciting projects with todaytomorrow.

I'm always interested to hear about challenging projects and job opportunities, so don't hesitate to contact me!


  • An app that aims to help Asthma patients to control their disease and improve their wellbeing while limiting the amount of medical intervention necessary.

    Responsibilities: front end | back end
    Working for: todaytomorrow
    Technologies: Dart/Flutter

  • This app helps cyclists improve and provides them with custom training schedules for specific events.

    Responsibilities: front end | back end
    Working for: todaytomorrow
    Technologies: NodeJS/Express/MongoDB/Typescript/Angular/Ionic

  • An app targeted at the people in society that need a bit of extra help sometimes. With the aid of this app they can be more self-sufficient when dealing with everyday problems, without always relying on the same people within their social network.

    Responsibilities: front end
    Working for: todaytomorrow
    Technologies: Typescript/Angular/Ionic


Max van Loosbroek
+31 6 300 760 47

Havenstraat 118D
3024TJ Rotterdam
The Netherlands